The town of cars and Robert Schumann
You can find an attractive combination of international and regional variety in a small area in Zwickau

During a stroll through the carefully renovated old town around St. Marien cathedral you can find numerous restaurants, cafés and shops. You are also incidentally following in the footsteps of Martin Luther and Robert Schumann. The two circular routes lead right through the middle of Zwickau and point out the town’s history with information boards and little anecdotes at significant spots.

Western Saxony’s most important town and Saxony’s fourth largest town is shaped by car manufacture. The Trabant cult car was still coming off production lines until 1991. Can fans of vintage models really get their money’s worth when visiting the famous August Horch Museum. The museum is situated in a totally restored part of the former Sachsenring plant just 3 km away from the hotel. It’s not just car lovers who are fascinated by the historic models from Audi to Trabant.