After business comes pleasure!

On this page we have put together a few suggestions for our conferences guests for how to recharge their batteries during longer breaks or at the end of an energy-sapping day of work.

The location of our conference hotel in Zwickau is ideal for an outing to the romantic old town. With a relaxing stroll around the shops or a visit to a museum you can use your conference break perfectly to increase your receptiveness... as a result your conference at the First Inn Hotel Zwickau is sure to be a huge success. 

Our entertainment programmes can be booked on request and depending on availability.

City tour

through the historic old town

During a one and a half hour tour on foot through Zwickau old town you find out everything about Robert Schumann’s birthplace and visit sights, such as the St. Marien cathedral, Zwickau town hall and Oberstein Castle on the Zwickauer Mulde.

Experience the many aspects of Zwickau up close.

Or how about a city tour with the original Zwickau night watchmen? Here you can find out everything about the dangerous job of the night watchman, who last served almost 140 years ago, and listen to interesting stories and legendary tales from the olden days.

Visit and tour

of the August Horch Museum Zwickau

Experience Germany’s most modern car museum at the moment during a two-hour tour.

You can authentically experience the history of the car from legendary Horch models to the Trabant and modern Volkswagen in the heart of the old Audi factory. The exhibition starts with a replica of the Horch 14-17 PS from 1904, the “oldest” car in the museum. One real highlight is the replica of the Type C Auto Union racing car. You can even listen to the sound of the engine.

You can find old cars parked at a petrol station from 1930 in the museum. Or stroll along a replica road in the style of the 1930s - a small shop and many display windows await you here alongside cars.

Other suggestions

for your entertainment programme

Murder mystery dinner

Experience a funny and exciting murder mystery theatre experience combined with a 4-course meal including aperitif.

The spectator can decide for themselves whether they want to take on a small part in the mystery or would rather lean back and carry out their investigations in comfort from their seat.

Mobile casino

Experience a communicative evening casino show at First Inn Zwickau with e.g. Black Jack, roulette and poker and enjoy a little bit of a Las Vegas feeling.

An American finger food buffet with numerous culinary delights rounds off the casino evening.

city tour via segway

Explore the inner city of Zwickau and all sights via Segway.